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Digital Ads

Mobile Design

Digital Marketing

Our approach towards digital advertisement is relatively straightforward. At HC&C, we have a more subtle digital marketing strategy where we place monitors at strategic places around the state. That includes frequently visited businesses, churches, and schools, among other places.


These 'displays' will be placed on top of a hand sanitizer.  Meaning, whenever someone walks up to sanitize, they'll intentionally or unintentionally pay close attention to the displays. An in-person advertisement makes it possible for the local community to have a more close-up connection with the ads. More importantly, that helps to boost small businesses within Connecticut. HC&C works hand in hand with doctors, educators, and small business owners to educate the community on health awareness and other healthy practices. 

Raising Health Awareness

The digital ads displayed in different businesses throughout the state are an extension of the health and wellness events that we typically organize. These ads will run all year round hence raising health and wellness awareness. 

Individuals and organizations can now connect with the community through HC&C. The goal is to create a better community that's aware of surrounding health and wellness businesses nearby. 

By partnering with us, we can educate the community on resources, healthy eating options, how to get an affordable health screening in the area, and much more. And that's not all! These ads will run all over the state, creating sales for the local small businesses. That's a win-win for your business and also for the surrounding community. With that in mind, let's join forces and create a better world within our state where avoidable health conditions are no longer a problem.

Yoga by the Ocean
Poster on Wall

Be visible Throughout CT

 In return, your company’s support is promoted throughout the year.


Advantages of a partnership:


  • Year-round statewide visibility.

  •  INCREASE your brand exposure and identity in the community by linking your brand with HC&C. 

  •  EXPERIENCE the guaranteed reach of local marketing exposure.

  •  RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT as tangible impressions and measured media value far exceed the cost of advertising.

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