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Social Media and Traditional Marketing Course

Improve your marketing skills with our pro tips training on Facebook ads strategy, Instagram marketing, YouTube growth, analytics and much more.  But we also give you the tools to implement traditional marketing strategy as well!  

We have taken out the guess work and will provide you with the tools you need to start implementing successful marketing strategies NOW! You'll discover the latest tactics and master social media management.  Sessions are held in a group or on an individual basis. Topics include: 

Setting up your website

Website Design

Getting listed on Google

Google ads

Setting up social media pages

 Content Planning and Strategy (Free yearly planner)

Social Media Ads (IG, FB and YouTube)




Social Advertising

Video Marketing

The future of Social Marketing and where your customers fit in.

Website Mockup


Website Set up & design

This course will help you: Build a basic website, webpage optimization, design techniques, blogging, selling products and maintaining your own website. This is a hands on training session.

Social network concept

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

We will teach you how to market on the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms.  You will learn the marketing strategies necessary to make your business successful.  This is a hands on training session.

Creative Working


Content Planning and Design

Learn how to organize and manage your social posts and advertising.  Get the latest tools and resources you need to grow your audience. This is a digital course and will include a general content planner for the year!

Think of this. You will stay ahead of all the new changes and trends, without the STRESS of figuring it out on your own.  Let us do the research and teach you exactly how to implement the latest techniques.

Think about getting 10X ROI when you create an ad, launch campaigns or start working on a new platform. Imagine forming meaningful relationships with your customers and business partners utilizing social media and traditional marketing techniques.

We understand the challenges that small businesses face. This is why Hendricks Consulting &Co is the perfect firm to partner with.  Each class is customized to the large or small group session.  Even more so with our one on one sessions.  Email us today to set up a class or meeting!

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