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No Fake Promises, Only Real Results

You have OPTIONS.  But not all options are created equally.  Every marketing firm has different fees and monthly costs, some of which could cost 5k to 10k a month! WE ARE HERE TO KEEP IT SIMPLE. Our rate per service is standard.  Our results are real and our prices fit most budgets.  Try us out, we will throw in a free ad on Facebook for your company! ​


Return On Investment

Return on Investment or ROI depends a variety of things, which is why there are no guarantees (unless we have past and current data to work with). It usually depends on:

  • Your Quality and Competitiveness in the Market

  • How competitive the industry is

  • The marketing channels used for the project

  • How accurately conversions can be tracked


In some cases, an average ROI for email marketing is $38 for every dollar spent vs catalogs which averages $7. But maybe your business strives in producing large amounts of catalogs! Hendricks Consulting can assess your specific business needs and figure out which platform will be more successful in promoting  your brand.

Hiring An Outside Agency...Like Us

Hiring us will give you access to a team of experts and vendors for a price less than what you would pay to hire your own employee!

In fact, you are not subjected to Payroll taxes and other employment benefits such as healthcare, dental, 401K and unemployment.

We will get to know your company, the problem you have, analyze you competition and create a plan specifically for you. Still getting the best of both worlds!

Fun Fact (well maybe not fun) The average ROI of a bad hire is -298%.  And 66% of US employers say that a bad hire can cost up to $50,000 each!

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