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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the launch of my new website and blog! My name is Tammy Hendricks and I am the Founder and CEO of Collaborative Business Associates. My organization aims to educate students, entrepreneurs and small businesses about operational and marketing solutions to improve your business.

I started my career in Pharmaceutical sales and then transitioned over to the insurance and contracting side. While working with independently owned medical groups, I quickly realized there was a need for personalized and AFFORDABLE consulting services (focused mostly on marketing). Although my expertise happens to be in the Medical Field (working with 500+ providers throughout my career) as a new MBA graduate, these strategies can be applied to businesses in all industries.

While I would love to work with your company as a personal consultant, I think it is important to provide my subscribers with tools that have been proven successful. I hope to educate you on new technology and strategies that will keep you ahead of the crowd. Most small businesses get stuck doing the same things because, "its what they always did". But there is hope! With a lot of time and dedication, you can manage all aspects of your business. But in the real world, many successful business owners are accompanied by a strong support team. I’ve found with most of my clients that there is not enough time in the day to do it all. Yes, there are resources available, but do you have the extra time to become a marketing expert for your business as well as run the business efficiently? Are you financially equipped to hire staff in house to delegate the extra tasks to?

Stay tuned for helpful info or my occasional rants about the nuisances happening in the business world. Of course, take advantage of my free 30-minute consultation! Schedule is located on the website :)

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