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We specialize in Advertising, Marketing & Branding Services

At Hendricks Consulting & Co., we help businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with marketing, branding, advertising and community engagement. With expert account managers, and professional marketers assigned to deliver perfection, we help clients enhance their business awareness and improve relationship-building marketing strategies. We can generate leads and sales for our clients through our digital and specialized marketing strategies.


We emphasize developing the brands' value through community engagement which positively impacts their customers and increases awareness. We also help entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. HC&C offers a free consultation to discuss your options!


Core Values

  • Value Integrity: Our belief is to work with our clients and partners with complete honesty and integrity. 

  • Commitment: We commit only to what we can do. Your project will be completed on time and to the best of our abilities.

  • Relationship-building: We will listen and understand your business goals to deliver the exceptional results you need.

  • Transparency: We never offer services you do not need. Our business contracts are entirely transparent to our clients, helping you understand the process and the expected results.

  • Quantify Success: We measure our success based on before & after analytics and visitor tracking. This enables us to figure what strategies are working.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to help businesses and individuals by adding the missing marketing components and creativity that drive engagement, brand awareness and revenue. HC&C always strive for excellence and value integration that helps you get the most out of your business.

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Our Vision

We are not limited to your company's digital growth but also want to increase your brand awareness by including account managers for b2b marketing. Our goal is to provide business of all sizes, access high-end branding and marketing services that increases customer loyalty. Relationship marketing improves a business’s profitability by positively influencing customers’ loyalty; therefore, reduce cost of customer retention and nurturing a long-term relationship.

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Tammy Hendricks, MBA

Tammy Hendricks is a seasoned marketing and business development professional with over a decade of experience in the healthcare field, translating organization-wide strategy and objectives into measurable accomplishments.


Her career has spanned numerous states and positions- from Pharmaceutical Sales to Marketing and Business Development Manager - before launching her own agency. Tammy Hendricks is a dedicated social entrepreneur who has made a profound impact on her community through her leadership and community outreach efforts.


Driven by a passion for digital and traditional marketing, she established her own marketing firm, Hendricks Consulting & Co, after completing her MBA at the University of Connecticut.  She is now responsible for the branding, strategic planning, and digital/traditional marketing initiatives for many clients throughout CT and NYC. Tammy is acknowledged for well-defined understanding of business development and capacity to identify and align clients' emerging needs with products and services.

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Website Design

Cable TV Commercials

Marketing & Community Engagement

Personal Branding

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Why Choose Us

We are a marketing firm that offers exceptional marketing and branding solutions with specialized B2B marketing and community engagement services. We focus on bringing more engagement through brand awareness that will lead to customer satisfaction. By implementing relationship marketing (B2B or B2C marketing), businesses will be able to build long-term relationships with their employees, customers, and vendors. Good relationships lead to good quality of services, products, and ultimately high customer satisfaction. At Hendricks Consulting, you get the freedom and flexibility to choose the marketing methods that fit your needs. We offer:

  • B2B and B2C (community engagement) marketing with access to Account Manager

  • Affordable specialized marketing and advertising services

  • Effective growth strategies, both in digital and traditional advertising

  • Branding Services

Suits of Success: Empowerment through Attire"

Hendricks Consulting and Company, a marketing firm renowned for its expertise in relationship marketing, personal branding, and community outreach, is embarking on a transformative new initiative. In an effort to empower individuals pursuing education and professional growth, the firm is launching a campaign to donate suits and business attire to community colleges.

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