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Tammy Hendricks, MBA

Tammy Hendricks is the founder & CEO of Hendricks Consulting & CO. Having a business development & healthcare background, Tammy launched this company with the idea to provide a 360-degree solution to businesses. Tammy focused on the missing elements of other marketing firms with a creative mindset. These missing parts such as community engagement and relationship marketing were vital for company growth!


To take community engagement, digital presence, advertising, and branding, to the next level, she merged all the strategies and provided a one-stop-shop solution by launching Hendricks Consulting & Co. 

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Hendricks Consulting& Co also helps entrepreneurs and small businesses get recognized in their industry. Not only do we offer exceptional marketing services, but we provide effective high-end branding services as well. Starting from an impactful brand vision, theme, eye-catchy photos to creating a personal website, we effectively promote individuals by developing their personal or professional brand.

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Social Media and Advertising Manager

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Marketing Manager

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What's your brand?
Are you looking to grow?
Are you running as efficiently as possible right now? 
Do you need help with digital and traditional marketing? 
Don't know the answer to these questions?
Let us help you find the answers!
Being an independent agency allows us to keep the cost low for our services.  Email us today to set up a free consultation.
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