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Temporary Staffing Agency for Community Health Workers

Temporary Staffing Agency for Community Health Workers:

Founded on the belief that businesses can be a force for good, Hendricks Consulting has grown into a beacon of innovation in healthcare marketing and community engagement. Our team, driven by passion and expertise, is at the heart of creating meaningful change across communities and industries.

“The Global Fund reports that for every dollar invested in global health, there is a return of $19 in terms of economic and social benefits, showcasing the value of investing in health initiatives worldwide.”

"Connect with skilled community health professionals ready to support your organization's health initiatives, enhancing care and community well-being."

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  • Temporary Talent: Help is on the way. Hire temporary talent for everything from quick deliverables to long-term projects.

  • Temp-To-Hire: Looking for a test drive? Go from temp to perm with an open-ended assignment. We take care of onboarding and pay-rolling

  • Direct Hire: Find the perfect match for critical needs and strategic hires

Companies We Serve

  • Community Health Organizations, Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Long-Term Care Facilities, Hospitals and Medical Centers

  • Assisted Living Facilities, Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Mental Health Facilities, Physician Practices, Group Homes

  • Public and Private Educational Centers and Schools

  • Community Day Programs, Personal At-Home Care

Staff Meeting

Our Exceptional Services

Why Choose Hendricks Consulting for Community Health and Outreach Staff Solutions?

Hendricks Consulting provides top-tier community health workers and outreach professionals who are deeply committed to enhancing community well-being. Our experts are not only experienced in public health practices but also excel in communication, ensuring they can seamlessly integrate into any organizational culture and swiftly adapt to the unique needs of your community initiatives.

We offer competitive rates for unparalleled services, with a steadfast mission to support your projects throughout the contract duration, ensuring long-term, impactful engagement.

Reliable Staff

No matter the urgency of your staffing needs, Hendricks Consulting works diligently to fulfill your requirements promptly. Our personnel undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure they possess the necessary experience, skills, and dedication for your specific assignments:

In-depth Reference Checks, Criminal Background Checks
Documentation of Relevant Experience, Skills and Competency Evaluation
Compliance with Industry Standards

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