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Relationship Marketing and Outreach Consulting

In today's fast-paced world, meaningful connections and genuine community engagement are more valuable than ever. At Hendricks Consulting, we specialize in Relationship Marketing and Outreach Consulting, crafting bespoke strategies that do more than just reach your audience — they resonate on a deeper level, fostering lasting relationships that drive positive change.

A business meeting
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Temporary Staffing Agency for Community Health Workers

Founded on the belief that businesses can be a force for good, Hendricks Consulting has grown into a beacon of innovation in healthcare marketing and community engagement. Our team, driven by passion and expertise, is at the heart of creating meaningful change across communities and industries.

Overview of the Courses

Education is a powerful tool for change. Our courses are tailored to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the fields of healthcare marketing, community outreach, and social entrepreneurship. From online workshops to in-person seminars, our educational offerings cover a broad range of topics relevant to today’s healthcare challenges and opportunities.

Online Course
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our dedication to social impact extends to helping organizations develop and implement effective CSR programs that align with their business goals and contribute positively to society. Through initiatives like our Community Health Worker Internship Program, Suits for Success, and global outreach efforts, we empower businesses to play a pivotal role in creating healthier, more sustainable communities.

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