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We will provide best Strategies for your business

Hendricks Consulting &Co is a team dedicated to helping small businesses, and entrepreneurs improve efficiency, branding, marketing, event planning and other aspects of marketing your business.  

About our main company goal

We know how overwhelming and intimidating starting or running a small business may be – but Hendricks Consulting is here to simplify that for you. 


Our goal is to help your business develop a strategy, implement it, market and drive results. We specialized in helping small businesses in all aspects of marketing. We offer a wide array of digital and traditional marketing services. 


We will increase and track online reviews and respond quickly to ensure your brand is being promoted positively.


We will help you implement a strategy that ties everything together.


We will improve your online presence by posting original content specifically for your business and customers. 


We will analyze all parts of your business to see where improvements can be made

Marketing team meeting

Unfortunately, most companies do not have the time to dedicate to marketing- even though it is extremely important.  We want you to focus on running the business and we will help you improve it! Save yourself the cost of hiring another employee or choosing a virtual agency.  Hendricks Consulting will provide hands on and in-person assistance.

Não há nada para agendar agora.
Let us help you improve the way you engage customers using a combination of Traditional and Digital Marketing!
Where Are You Coming Up Short?

Does your calendar seem full but your task list is untouched?


Are you missing vital information critical for growing your business?


How many business opportunities do you miss because you don't have the proper systems in place?

Happy customers!

We do our best to make you happy!

Tammy is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and easy to chat with. She showed that she really care about my business and success by taking the time to respond to my questions about the marketing plan and strategy to make sure I understood how all the pieces fit together. Thank you Tammy, you're great!

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